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 How to give Proper GFX Criticism.

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How to give Proper GFX Criticism. Empty
PostSubject: How to give Proper GFX Criticism.   How to give Proper GFX Criticism. EmptyWed Sep 29, 2010 3:40 pm

Right please read this first

How to give proper criticism.

Now, here is a basic Guide which will allow you to give good Constructive Criticism. Reason why i've highlighted "constructive" is because this is the key when giving feedback; you want to tell the creator something which will help them improve their signature, not something which they can't make heads or tails from.


When presented with a signature look for certain aspects, let's look at this signature for instance.
How to give Proper GFX Criticism. Xbh7yd

Do not Judge a signature by the character of the render, it is a big mistake and can often lead to disputes.


At my first glance at the signature, I look at the focal(render)

here is some criticism I have for it

- Render has not been cut properly, white lines on the edges, this could have been solved with the use of a blurring tool.
- Render looks squashed, this could have been prevented if it had been re-sized properly

Look at the positioning of the render? Is it good, bad? Justify your answers, it might seem stupid but it isn't and it'll be appreciated.


Look at the render's sorroundings, do they go with the render?


I would then begin to zoom out and take the whole signature in as a whole

-brushes, c4ds, do they go with the signature?

the background, does it go with the theme of render/focal? Are the errors on the background, minor or big?

Good constructive criticism can help you uncover the secrets behind a signature, also, if you provide constant good CC, then your relations with artist around the "creative design" will no doubt improve and they might give you some valuable tips in return.


Text, text make a huge difference, now, does the text used go with the signature? Do you like it? Should the creator have gone for different text colours or sizes, maybe, the placement isn't good.

Now, you do not have to go through everything; just looking at a signature and then talking about it's text for example is enough. Also, do not forget to praise a signature maker for their effort; even if the signature is the worst signature you have ever seen, it's still a person on the other side and they have devoted their time in to making this. So giving good Criticism can have a good impact.

Thanks for reading this,

How to give Proper GFX Criticism. Th5zr6t84
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How to give Proper GFX Criticism.
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