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 Player Rules [562]

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Player Rules [562] Empty
PostSubject: Player Rules [562]   Player Rules [562] EmptyFri Apr 30, 2010 1:42 pm


Server Rules
- No Flaming Staff (cussing, sexual, or suggestive things etc.)
- No Glitching.
- I don't mind swearing among yourselves, but I would like to keep it at a respectable amount.
- No Multiple Log ins.
- No Threatening Server (Ddos, Spam, crash, ect)
- Not only is it impossible, i will not tolerate talk of it at all.
- DO NOT ask for staff, now its a ban.

Chat Box Rules
- Swearing stays low.
- No advertising other Servers or chat boxes.
- No disrespecting the staff.
- No talk of crashing, ect.
- DO NOT ask for staff, this is now an auto ban.

> All of these offenses will lead to
1. Jailed
2. Muted.
3. Banned.
4. Perm mute/Ipmute.
5. Perm ban/Ipban.

Thanks for reading,

- EmberScape Staff
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Player Rules [562] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Player Rules [562]   Player Rules [562] EmptyMon Sep 20, 2010 4:35 pm

Rules updated.

~ Cart
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Player Rules [562]
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